2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883

A black and tan 2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is shown angled left.

A classic American cruiser, the 2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 lives up to the Harley-Davidson reputation for delivering grit, a touch of rebellion, and an iconic style that’s fully customizable. The Iron 883 has been one of the most successful models in the Harley-Davidson lineup. Its success is attributed to its unique design that gives the nod to Harley-Davidson icons of eras past and its proven Evolution engine that revolutionized the industry when it debuted in the early 1980s. Today, the Evolution is forever tied to the throaty rumble synonymous with the Harley-Davidson name.

One of the greatest selling points of the Iron 883 is that it offers an endless array of customization options. It’s a blank canvas in search of a muse. Harley-Davidson makes it easy to outfit this bike to your unique style, starting with exterior hues like Gunship Gray, Black Denim, and White Sand Pearl. From there, you’ll find plenty of available modifications, whether you’re looking to add new mirrors, headlamp accents, slip-on mufflers, a unique seat, or a windshield. Anything is possible with the 2022 Iron 883.

The distinct style and lightweight design of the Iron 883 appeal to a broad spectrum of riders. For example, it’s ideal for urban riders who value a light bike that’s agile and easy to maneuver in and out of traffic. Likewise, its low seat height and forward riding position make it an excellent option for new riders looking to gain experience in the saddle. Why? Because it gives you more control over the bike and enhances stability, critical components for improving rider confidence.

What else can you expect from the Iron 883? With 2022 marking the model’s last year in the Harley-Davidson lineup, the Iron 883 is going out with a bang. If you’re on the fence about this legendary bike, now’s the time to climb in the saddle and enjoy the ride. Whether you are a new rider or a Harley-Davidson veteran, the Iron 883 has something for everyone. But first, here are all the model details on one of the most beloved classics in the Harley-Davidson family.

MSRP: $11,249[a]
Weight (lbs): 564
Torque (lb-ft): 54
Fuel Economy (MPG): 51



A person is shown riding a grey 2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 on a highway exit.


Easy to Ride

The Iron 883 is renowned for its legendary profile, creating a blank canvas for riders to customize to their style, performance, and riding needs. The 2022 Iron 883 continues that tradition, boasting a blacked-out and stripped-down aesthetic that delivers authentic Harley-Davidson style. This style is apparent in details like the blacked-out nine-spoke wheels, which have a machined effect that gives the bike a more contemporary look. It’s also evident in the bobber-inspired “tuck and roll” seat meant for a solo rider.

This design is integral to improving rider ergonomics, making the Iron 883 popular among less-experienced riders when confidence in the saddle is critical. The Iron 883 engineers that confidence with its relatively small footprint, measuring only 86 inches long, and lower seat height of 25.7 inches. In an industry where it’s hard to find seats below the 27-inch mark, the Iron 883 dares to be different, making it a favorite of shorter riders. Harley-Davidson accomplishes this lower riding position by outfitting the Iron 883 with its streamlined tuck and roll saddle and a lowered front and rear suspension.

The forward riding position, mid-mounted foot controls, and well-positioned handlebars also play a significant role in the bike’s design and overall appeal. This trifecta delivers the perfect balance for riders of any skill level, adding stability, building confidence, and exuding the sporty demeanor expected of a bike that bears the Harley-Davidson name. The result is exceptional, with the rider positioned slightly forward with their feet in a neutral position and the handlebars comfortably within reach.

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Performance and Handling

V-Twin Engine

While the Harley-Davidson lineup is packed with hard-hitting behemoths, the Iron 883 proves that a lightweight bike can deliver the same throaty rumble and inspiring performance as its bigger siblings. Harley-Davidson guarantees as much and outfits the 2022 Iron 883 with its revolutionary Evolution air-cooled V-Twin engine. The engine is paired with a reliable five-speed transmission and delivers solid off-the-line acceleration thanks to its 54 lb-ft of torque.

For longtime Harley-Davidson fans, the Evolution engine is also significant because it represented a turning point for the manufacturer in 1984 when it faced bankruptcy and steep competition from Japanese rivals. The Evolution engine was the saving grace of Harley-Davidson. It was so revolutionary with its aluminum components and air-cooled design that it has remained relatively unchanged over the last three decades. The 2022 Iron 883 celebrates that heritage by delivering exceptional power and the signature growl synonymous with the Harley-Davidson name.

Lightweight Chassis

Beyond its growl, the Evolution engine is perfectly paired with the lightweight Iron 883. Weighing only 564 lbs in running order, the bike’s lighter weight and low riding profile make it easy to harness the engine’s full potential. Just as importantly, the Iron 883 doesn’t skimp on ride quality and delivers a comfortable ride with its 39 mm front fork and coil-over rear shocks that have dual-adjustable preload. With dual shocks, the Iron 883 absorbs the irregularities of the road and makes for a more enjoyable ride.

It’s also easy to stop the lightweight bike thanks to its responsive front and rear brakes. The 300 mm discs at the front deliver most of the bike’s stopping power. As expected, the rear brake complements the front brake and makes it simple to stop the Iron 883 softly, avoiding costly mishaps that often result from grabbing too much front brake.

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Features and Add-Ons

Easy Customization

The 2022 Iron 883 is one of the most affordable bikes in the Harley-Davidson lineup. It’s a stripped-down Sportster, and Harley-Davidson keeps its price low by complementing its many standard design features with an extensive menu of available upgrades. This allows you to customize the Iron 883 to your needs, paying for only the enhancements you want without inflating the sticker price.

For example, the 2022 Iron 883 comes standard with a basic 60-watt headlamp and incandescent tail lights. Updating these features is easy with genuine Harley-Davidson parts. For example, you can add a headlamp trim ring to complete the Dark Custom aesthetic or update the headlamp to the manufacturer’s Daymaker Projector LED headlamp for enhanced visibility. Harley-Davidson also offers a Bullet Turn Signal Lens Kit that replaces the amber lenses in the stock Iron 883 with smoked lenses.

Improve Your Ride

Apart from making these basic upgrades, you can also enhance the standard gauges. The Sportster comes with a handlebar-mounted speedometer with an odometer, clock, trip meter, low fuel warning light, low-pressure light, and engine diagnostics readout. While the positioning is convenient, some riders prefer to streamline the handlebar and look for modifications to move the gauge elsewhere.

Harley-Davidson also gives you the option to add anti-lock brakes and a security package. The standard brakes on the Iron 883 provide ample stopping power. Still, any veteran rider knows the importance of an antilock braking system and how critical it is for new riders as they hone their skills in the saddle and become familiar with the bike. While Harley-Davidson keeps the price point low by streamlining the standard features of the 2022 Iron 883, this available upgrade is a worthwhile investment for riders of all skill levels for added peace of mind in the saddle.

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Find Your 2022 Iron 883!

What’s most appealing to you about the 2022 Iron 883? Are you drawn to its stripped-down design and its low profile? Or are you a longtime Harley-Davidson fan that knows and appreciates the significance of the Evolution engine? For many, it’s a difficult question to answer because there’s so much to love about the Iron 883.

At Republic Harley-Davidson, we know what models like the 2022 Iron 883 offer to riders of all skill levels. Why? Because we’re riders ourselves, having spent countless hours in the saddle and logging hundreds of thousands of miles as we chase the horizon across the great state of Texas and beyond. Our personal experience with the Harley-Davidson lineup lets us help you because we know everything Harley-Davidson stands for and the possibilities that come with a bike like the Iron 883.

Our passion for riding is palpable. We value our role in your ride and look forward to every opportunity to welcome new riders into the Harley-Davidson family. Creating that welcoming environment starts by putting the age-old dealership approach aside and replacing it with enthusiasm, passion, and excitement. Whatever your skill level, we’re here to help and deliver the same bespoke experience to everyone who walks through our door.

At Republic Harley-Davidson, you matter. We’re here for you, whether you’re looking for the Iron 883, want to learn more about the legendary V-Twin engine, need gear or accessories to enhance your ride, or are looking for a trusted motorcycle service center. As a full-service Harley-Davidson dealer, there’s nothing we can’t handle and nothing we won’t do to exceed your expectations so that you have every reason to thoroughly enjoy your next ride. Visit us to learn more about the Iron 883 and our outstanding service!

[a]MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details.