Katy Harley-Davidson Dealer

A black 2022 Harley-Davidson Street Glide ST is shown on an open road after leaving a Katy Harley-Davidson dealer.

What do you love most about Katy? Do you appreciate its small-town charm and big-city convenience with its proximity to Houston? Or do you value its rich history as a railroad town along the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and later as a booming venue for rice farmers? As fellow Texans, we understand it’s hard to choose, and as fellow motorcyclists, we know firsthand why Katy is one of the state’s hidden gems.

Republic Harley-Davidson is the premier Katy Harley-Davidson dealer renowned for helping people across the greater Houston area find the perfect motorcycle. But what makes us the best? We’re a dealership of riders who know firsthand what it’s like to venture north beyond the town of Katy to the Sam Houston National Forest. We’ve taken in the scenery throughout west Houston, traveling from Katy along twisting roads to visit other unique Texas towns like Fulshear and Pattison. We’ve ridden south to Galveston, northwest to Austin, and everywhere between and beyond.

Our experience in the saddle and our appreciation for towns like Katy give us an advantage you won’t find anywhere else. Instead of focusing our efforts on upselling you a motorcycle that may not suit your needs or skill level, we’re here to get to know you and what you love about riding. We want to know more about your riding experience or what you hope to get out of your first bike if you’re a new rider. This customer-centric approach fosters meaningful relationships, allowing us to work specifically to your riding needs. Because of this, we’re not only the leading Harley-Davidson for Katy but for the Greater Houston area.



Power and Performance: We’re Your Home for the Perfect Motorcycle

Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, and Wafflehead aren’t a string of playground insults but the names of some legendary power plants. America’s beloved motorcycle manufacturer is best known for its classic Big Twin engine. But what makes the Big Twin engine such a standout in an industry inundated with top performers tirelessly working to meet our insatiable need for speed?

The unique Big Twin engine distinguishes itself with its two-cylinder design, where the two cylinders meet in a “V” shape. The V-Twin configuration forces the pistons to fire at uneven intervals. The result gives the V-Twin a distinct rumble, exceptional torque, and a broad spectrum of power. But why is this important to Katy riders?

Harley-Davidson recognizes that riders have unique needs, which is readily apparent in its expansive lineup that stretches from Grand American Touring bikes to cruisers and beyond. However, the V-Twin engine recognizes these needs on a performance level. For example, the Milwaukee-Eight is the ninth generation of the Big Twin engine and is available in various displacements, ranging from 107 to 131 cubic inches. The 107 cubic inch engine is ideal on a cruiser like the Softail Standard, while a larger 117 cubic inch powerplant is perfect for larger models like the Road Glide ST.

Whatever your power and performance needs, Harley-Davidson and the Republic Harley-Davidson team are here to help. As riders and industry veterans, we know and appreciate the Big Twin’s versatility and are happy to help you find the best bike for your skill level and riding needs. Our goal is to expand our community one rider at a time, and that starts by ensuring we’re always your Harley-Davidson home.

A close up shows the side of a green 2022 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide.

What We Carry: An Unmatched Selection

We promise the perfect motorcycle is sitting on our showroom floor. But how can we make such a guarantee? Republic Harley-Davidson isn’t like most dealerships; we believe in setting new standards of excellence in everything we do, especially when it means keeping our inventory stocked with an unmatched selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Whether you’re a new rider looking for your first bike or a veteran cross-country adventurer, we have the bike for you. Our selection includes best-selling sport bikes like the Nightster and Sportster alongside cruisers like the Iron 883, the iconic Softail Standard, the recognizable Low Rider, and the impressive Heritage Classic. Adventurer bikes like the Pan America have a special place in our inventory, while our best-sellers include legends like the Electra Glide, Road Glide, and Street Glide. These Grand American Touring bikes are integral to the Harley-Davidson heritage, effortlessly blending power, performance, comfort, and innovative technology.

Riders looking for more stability in the saddle don’t have to look beyond our selection of trikes. Models like the Freewheeler and Tri Glide give you more reason to say “yes” to your next ride. These trikes boast the iconic Harley-Davidson design but offer a distinct ride and more comfort and travel-oriented features. This includes oversized saddlebags that can accommodate all your gear and more for longer journeys that take you from Katy to Galveston or along the scenic route to Corpus Christi and back home.

Two black 2022 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 motorcycles are shown driving over a city bridge.

Your Full-Service Harley-Davidson Dealership

Katy riders don’t have to look beyond Republic Harley-Davidson to meet all their riding needs. Our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson models eliminates the need to shop around and saves you valuable time and money. The perfect motorcycle is here, but that’s not all you’ll find on our showroom floor.

We’re a full-service Harley-Davidson dealership, offering everything from new rider training to gear, parts, accessories, and a service center. Our team is proud to host the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy for riders looking to hone their skills, whether they’re getting in the saddle for the first time or want a refresher. Likewise, our Motorclothes Department makes it easy to find the right gear for your ride, from riding pants and boots to helmets, gloves, and jackets. The signature designs make it easy to outfit yourself in high-quality gear without sacrificing your personal style.

Once outfitted with the best gear, our team can help you find the parts and accessories you need to modify your bike. We can assist you in discovering everything from the perfect saddlebags to unique badging and finishing touches that can give your Harley-Davidson a distinct look. Moreover, you don’t have to do the work yourself and can rely on our Harley-Davidson technicians to oversee installations, repairs, and routine maintenance.

The Republic Harley-Davidson logo is shown.

The Ride from Katy Never Looked So Good

Are you ready to experience the open-air freedom only the road can offer? That’s what it means to get in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson bike. It also means joining a family of motorcyclists passionate about riding and everything the Harley-Davidson name stands for in the vast landscape of America’s motorcycle industry.

Republic Harley-Davidson is excited to welcome you into our family and show you the path to open-road freedom like you’ve never before experienced. It doesn’t get any better than a Harley-Davidson bike, a powerhouse on wheels that delivers a throaty rumble and a need for speed that can satisfy every penchant for adventure throughout the Lone Star State and beyond. In a state that bleeds red, white, and blue, it simply doesn’t get any more American than Harley-Davidson.

Are you ready to ride? Whether your next adventure takes you from Katy to Port Arthur or north through the Davy Crockett National Forest, we have the perfect Harley-Davidson for you. Even your weekday commute into Houston can be enjoyable when you’re in the saddle of a legend that bears the Harley-Davidson name.